Not again

Somehow I have found myself committed to cycling over 350 miles, in four days, over what can only be described as the Alps.


Now that I am training for this event, I am frankly petrified of the scale of the challenge. Despite living on the route of the Yorkshire section of the Grand Depart, with the best training ground on my doorstep, it is incredibly difficult to keep up the training regime. Colds, hangovers, work, apathy, weather and general lack of backbone all conspire against getting sufficient miles under my belt.

However, I am not short of advice from all and sundry on every aspect of this adventure – from diet and training to equipment and mental approach.  The main thrust of the advice seems to be to buy a road bike for about £3,000.00 and to stop training on my almost un-roadworthy Giant MB . However, my contention is that the harder I make the training, the easier the ride will be when I do eventually shift to the proper kit.

More, in fact much more, on kit in my blog. Suffice to say welcome to my Cycloblog. I am delighted to be involved in this Hope Against Cancer event and invite you to follow my blog as I struggle against the odds to get fit enough to cycle from Geneva to Milan in September.